It’s all about the stories you bring back home!
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Hiking - or just walking, as we call it – is a nice way to feel your surroundings. Wherever you’re walking, city or wilderness, you see, hear, smell, feel what’s around you. We prefer to walk out there in the wilderness. Here you don’t have all the disturbing and unnecessary impulses – here it’s you and nature! On a walk with us, you hear local and personal stories about this and that, and on the breaks a warm cup of something, a view, and a local snack from our own hunts.


Camping here in the Greenlandic wilderness is always a pleasure, no matter the season. Snowy, sunny, wet, or windy, it’s all about adapting and finding the pleasure in the small things. On our camping trips, we use big tipi tents, so we all can be together in the evening around the stove, sharing stories just like back then. We do not only camp in tents, but also caves, snowcaves, and even right under the open sky. This might sound uncomfortable during winter, but in a good sleeping bag, you will never feel the stars and northern lights closer to you than out there. And imagine waking up on the top of a mountain, dry and warm in your bag, watching the sun rise while sipping on your fresh cup of coffee made on water from the river or snow by our guides – priceless!

Boat Trip

Nuuk fiord is one of the biggest fiord systems in the world, and the scenery is breathtaking.

We offer sightseeing trips in a traditional open boat, so we all get the best feeling and experience of the nature. There’s nothing like turning the engine off on a nice and silent spot, sipping the beautiful view with a cup of something warm.


The area around Nuuk and Nuuk fiord is great for tour skiing. One day tours or several days. These tours can be tailor made on request.

Fishing & Hunting

Fishing and hunting has always been a big part of our culture and is truly something to experience. On a fishing trip here in Greenland, you’re guaranteed a good catch. There is a big variety of fish all through the year. We offer fishing from boat, from the shore, and icefishing too. Imagine to catch your fish, get back to your camp, put the fire on in the stove, and get your fresh fish prepared and served by the guide while sharing other fishing stories.

Hunting is a bit different. Here you really have to put an effort in it to get your catch, which we of course cannot guarantee. We are proud of our hunting culture here, so on a hunt with us, it will be in the way we do it. This often includes long walks, and carrying everything from the animal, since it’s a tradition to use everything. Small game hunts and trophy hunts are made on requests. And most important of all, whether you’re fishing or hunting, you are part of nature!

Other tours

As active locals, we spend a lot of time in the nature all year around. By land, sea and even air. This has given us a great experience, knowledge, and also a great variety of skills.

So do you have an idea of your own adventure and need some local expertise, feel free to contact us. We are always up for an adventure.


It’s all about the stories you bring back home!

Guiding in the beautiful and vast wilderness of Greenland is for us not a job - it’s a lifestyle. We live and breathe the outdoor adventure life when we are with customers and also in our free time. Our passion for nature and adventure drives us to provide quality, fun, and stories to tell in the future for our customers.

We offer a great variety of experiences to satisfy anyone’s desire for adventure in the wilderness. Whether you want to relax in the unparalleled beauty of the Greenlandic nature, or take a more challenging adventure, we’ve got you covered. The possibilities are endless and the memories will last forever.

Our Amazing Team

Thorlak Skifte Nielsen

Co-founder and guide

Coming from the town of Maniitsoq in the western part of Greenland, Thorlak is no stranger to the backcountry. Hiking and hunting are among his finer merits along with sailing and subsistence fishing in the deep fiords along the coast line.

Whenever the need to take some time off to let his mind soar, he literally leaves the ground and takes flight. By soaring above the ground with the aid of his paraglider, Thorlak has gotten a great overview of the areas around the fiord systems near Nuuk.

His many tours in and above the backcountry serve the basis of countless hours of compelling and fun stories around the campfire.

Adam Mike Kjeldsen

Co-founder and guide

Hailing from Aasiaat at the entrance to the Disco Bay, Adam has spent a considerable amount of his time sailing the seas between Greenland and the Caribbean whilst growing up. And ending up as a trained boat builder, Adam is not one to shy away from building stuff from scratch or making seemingly broken gear work with whatever is available. Pretty much your average Inuit MacGyver.

Adam has shredded the backcountry on skis and mountain bikes for most of his life whilst enjoying hiking and trail running in order to stay in shape and generally having a good time in the off-season. Providing for his family through hunting is second nature.

With a keen sense for music, Adam plays a number of different instruments, and if you ever see him pick up his guitar, the outcome is usually an entertaining evening to be remembered.

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