6 days skitouring in Itisoq

Ski to the ocean and enjoy mind-blowing views on this skitouring adventure with Two Ravens

Tour Info

  • 6 days
  • April and May
  • DKK 18.800,-
  • Small group (min. 5, max. 8 persons)

What’s in it, and what do we get? 

  • Guided skiing trips every day. 
  • 6 days in our tent camp. 
  • Transportation to camp and back by boat.
  • Boat accessed skiing on other locations on day 1 & 6.
  • Snowshoes for free use. 
  • All inclusive (Special diets are add on)
  • Sleeping equipment (pad and sleeping bag).

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The area

About 45 minutes of sailing into Nuuk Kangerlua,  there is a small bay named Itisoq. This is a place we as guides, but also in our free time often visit, as there’s someting special about the place.  

Surrounded by three 1100m+ peaks, you will feel like  you truly are embraced by the mountains. Here lies several options for amazing skiing!

In the bay you will find many delicacies as different  fish, mussels, sea urchins and sea weed. 

Not only in the sea you can find your dinner.  Ptarmigans are around you, and sometimes when  you’re lying in your sleeping bag, you can hear the  ptarmigans call for each other. 

The camp consists of 4 two person tents, a big tent  for gathering and cooking, a crew tent for guides and  gear, and a “super luxurious” sauna tent. 

The glacier above us is our supplier of fresh water,  and you can get to the creek by a 5 min walk.  

There is no phone reception, nor generator for power,  so consider what you bring for six days off in here.  (The guides are of course geared up with emergency  and communication equipment for safety.)

Departure dates

7 – 12 April 2024

5 – 10 May 2024


DKK 18.800,- per person

Price includes:

  • Boat transfer forth and back between Nuuk and Ravens  Nest (Camp at Itisoq). 
  • 2 local English speaking guides for 6 days. 
  • Food (5 x breakfast / 6 x lunch / 5 x dinner) 
  • Tent accommodation (5 nights in shared tent, incl. sleeping  pad and sleeping bag – single tent is an option at a fee).
  • Communal tent. 
  • Access to sauna tent, and fishing gear. 
  • 6 unforgettable guided skiing adventures. 

Group size 

5 to 8 guests.  

What’s required of me? 

We require that guests bring their own avalanche  beacon, shovel, and probe. 

Own skiing or snowboarding equipment. It is not  possible to rent this gear from us. 

We need to know if any of the guests have any special  diets, health issues and/or allergies. Special diets are not easy get to and maintain in Greenland, why  there is an extra fee for these. 

You will have to read and sign a waiver of all clearance before heading out on a trip with us. 

Flexibility is key for the best Greenland experience.

Guiding team 

Guiding in the beautiful and vast wilderness of  Greenland is for us not a job – it’s a lifestyle. We live  and breathe the outdoor adventure life when we are  with customers and also in our free time. Our  passion for nature and adventure drives us to  provide quality, fun, and stories to tell in the future  for our guests. 

As true locals, we have a local knowledge both  geographically and culturally, giving us the  opportunity to show the country with heart and soul.  Our own experiences growing up in these  environments gives us an advantage and the skills  for a safe adventure. 

The possibilities are endless, and the memories will  last forever!


This day is mostly about getting into the camp, getting  settled, and getting a sense of it all, but also getting the first  turns in on our way in to the camp. 

It all starts with a boat transfer from Nuuk to the camp,  which is based about 45 mins away in the fiord. On the way in  we stop by the first skiing location.  

Pick up by boat by the afternoon and sail to the nearby camp. 

Here you will settle into your tents in pairs, and get a briefing  of the area and how things will run in the camp. 

Dinner on the rocks and bonfire for the rest of the day.

First real touring day in the backdrop of our camp. 

Main goal this day is the summit southwest of the camp, with  an altitude of 1120 m. Getting further up on this mountain, we  will get a great overview of the fiord system, and get a better  picture of what’s to come the next couple of days.  

When we’re back at the camp, a team will sail out in the bay  on SUPs with fishing lines and see what’s for dinner. 

For the fresh ones, you can jump in the sea and take a little  break in the sauna until dinner is ready. 

Again more bonfire socialising.

Second day of touring the Itisoq area. 

After yesterdays experiences, we will decide what to head for as a  group.  

There’s several options. Main objective is the more eastern face of  the previous days skiing. Less altitude and angle, but a long and  smooth run. 

Keep an eye on nature when out touring. Ptarmigan, foxes and  hares are around.  

At camp a dinner of something local will be prepared – and don’t  worry, we won’t make it too local. 

And you know what’s up in the evening – Bonfire!

After breakfast we will go for the third day of skiing the backyard  of our base camp. This will be a longer day with a couple of  ascends and descends. 

Main object is northwest of camp. An area that hasn’t been skied  much as it requires a little bigger effort. 

There’s always the possibility of exploring the area. Or goof  around on the slackline. At least enjoy the silence. 

Again, the sauna is an option, especially after a day like this. 

And why not light up that bonfire once more and add some  s’mores.

Last day of skiing our backyard. On this day we’re moving  north. A little zig zag traverse also giving us a slightly  different look at the fiord system. 

Back at the camp you will be involved in the cooking. Gutting  fish, keeping the bonfire alive 

As it’s the last night in the camp, we’ll make it memorable  with different games and small competitions, and light up  that bonfire for the last time.

After a good breakfast, we will pack our gear and say  goodbye to the lovely camp, and head for the last skiing  location. 

This location will be decided together after the experiences  from the past days of skiing, as conditions are key for good  skiing. But the main objective is a big and mellow couloir 30  minutes of sailing from camp 

We will be back in town on this day, hopefully a great  experience richer, and with loads of new stories to tell back  home!