Mountain top sleepover

  • +1 day
  • Summer & Fall - Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays.
  • 2495 DKK
  • Min. 3 persons

A sleepover on a mountain top with a spectacular 360 degree view of the deep fiords of Nuuk to the big straight over to Canada – what’s not to like?! Close to the summit of Kangilia at the height of about 720 meters above the sea, lies a gem. Sheltered from the colder northern winds, placed close to a summit, there is a plateau facing east, perfect for an unforgettable sunset and rise. Imagine lying in your warm sleeping bag, enjoying your cup of local tea made with the surrounding melting water from the leftovers of the cold harsh winter. And to make the experience as memorable and viewwise mind-blowing, we will sleep under the open sky – oh yes!

An expedition style dinner and survival breakfast is included.

(A minimum of 3 pax is required to do the trip, and a maximum of 6 pax)

Possible to rent sleeping bag and pad for 300 DKK / And hiking backpack for 250 DKK

Location: Kangilia – which means, “The very best and most beautiful place to sleep and wake up on earth”


This tour runs Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Practical info:

We will hike together from the end of Uiffak street at 15.00. The hike is approximately 3 hours, and is a bit tough, steady and long ascent, but with loads of fun, interesting and beautiful things on the way. Pretty sure that the guide will have some stories from and about the backcountry also. Remember the right clothing as in light for the hike up, and warm and dry for the summit. In case of bad or wet weather, there will be a tent to creep into, but only if the guide decides it’s necessary – we want to make sure we feel nature as close as we can – that way your story will be even better to tell when you get back to the comfy couch. The descent (which is approx. 2-2,5 hours long) will start before noon the day after, depending on the weather, so we will be back at start point at 13.00.

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