Nuuk backcountry hike

  • 4 hours
  • Summer & Fall
  • 850 DKK
  • Min. 3 persons

Take a hike with us in the stunning backyard of Nuuk, and spice it up with some local snacks and tea on top of Quassussuaq while overviewing the capital of Greenland. The backcountry of Nuuk is a special place to go, as you can leave the big city life and within 15 minutes feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by mountains and lakes, the hike up to Quassussuaq is really soothing. As we get higher and higher, we will be able to see more and more of the fiord and sea, making it look vaster and vaster for every step we take. On top we will take a seat with a view, and taste some local snacks caught and prepared by your guides, and drink some tea made of greenlandic herbs before heading down the hill.

(A minimum of 3 pax is required, and a maximum of 8 pax.)

Practical info:

Location: Tunuani – which means “Behind it”.

We will hike together from the end of Uiffak street at 11.00, and end the hike at Sisorarfiit parking lot at 15.00. Bring your own water bottle, which you can fill at the fresh rivers of the mountains. It’s a good idea to bring something wind or waterproof for the summit.

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