Ravens Nest Adventure Camp – 5 days

Embark on an Epic 5-Day action packed adventure to Ravens Nest

Tour info

  • 5 days
  • June, July and August
  • DKK 11.900
  • Small group (5-10 pax)


  • Scenic boatride to Itisoq
  • Ravens Nest Adventure Camp – placed in a beautiful bay engulfed by majestic mountains.
  • Mesmerizing hiking adventures
  • Sharing stories with the local guides over the bonfire
  • Refreshing dip in a natural river pool
  • Sleepover close to the Itisoq Glacier (+ glacier walking)
  • Breathtaking views over the second largest fiord system in the world
  • Stand up paddleboarding
  • Fishing, sauna tent (optional)
  • Reflection time/reconnecting with nature and yourself

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We will stay in a cosy tent camp. We have two people tents* and a large tent for gathering and eating in case of uncomfortable weather. You will be able to rent a sleeping bag.

*Single tent is possible at a fee.

Departure dates

24 – 28 June 2024 (Confirmed trip)

8 – 12 July 2024

5 – 9 August 2024 (Confirmed trip)


DKK 11,900,- per person

Price includes:

  • Boat transfer forth and back between Nuuk and Ravens Nest Adventure Camp
  • 2 local English speaking guides for 5 days (guide ratio: 1:2 ½ – 1:5 – small groups for a more personal experience)
  • Food (4 x breakfast / 5 x lunch / 4 x dinner)
  • Tent accommodation (4 nights in shared tent, incl. sleeping pad and sleeping bag – single tent is an option at a fee)
  • Communal tent
  • Access to sauna tent, stand-up paddle boards and fishing gear
  • 5 unforgettable guided hiking adventures

Backpacks can be rented.

Group size: 

Min. 5 persons, max 10.


Upon your early morning arrival, the excitement in the air is palpable. This day is all about immersing yourself in the wilderness and embracing the essence of our camp. As you settle into your cozy tents, paired with your fellow adventurers, a comprehensive briefing will be provided, acquainting you with the camp and the seamless operation of our activities.

Once everyone feels at home and has been introduced, it’s time to embark on a captivating walk to an enchanting ‘infinity pool’. Situated southeast of the camp, on the opposite side of the island, this hidden gem promises a revitalizing dip that will invigorate your senses and wash away any lingering jetlag. As we ascend through the picturesque mountains, the breathtaking panoramic views of the colossal fjord system and towering giants reaching 1000 meters towards the sky will leave you awestruck. This glimpse into the magnificence of nature will give you a tantalizing taste of what awaits in the days to come.

As the sun sets, we will gather together for a memorable evening of dining on the rocks, warmed by the flickering flames of a roaring bonfire. This communal experience will create lasting bonds and provide ample opportunities for storytelling and shared laughter as darkness descends upon the camp.

Prepare yourself for a hike that spans approximately 7 kilometers, taking around 4 to 5 hours to complete. The trail’s difficulty level varies between easy to medium, ensuring that adventurers of all fitness levels can revel in the splendors of nature throughout the journey.

Our second day will be an unforgettable adventure as we aim to spend the night just next to the majestic Itisoq Glacier, standing tall at approximately 750 meters. Whether or not we use tents (or sleep under the stars) will be determined by the weather conditions, adding an element of excitement and unpredictability to our journey. 

After a relaxing morning indulging in aromatic coffee and a delicious breakfast at camp, we will embark on our ascent towards the glacier, setting forth around noon. Our path will encompass a blend of semi-steep hiking and alpine hiking (scrambling), ensuring a thrilling and invigorating experience. As we traverse through a captivating canyon, the rugged terrain and awe-inspiring vistas will reward us for our perseverance. Emerging from the upper reaches of the canyon, we will suddenly find ourselves immersed in a vast bowl encircled by towering mountains. This will be the location of our campsite, where we will pause, unload our backpacks – and for those who are up for it – push on to conquer the summit at 1100 meters. 

Aiming to witness a captivating sunset, we will seize the opportunity to create lasting memories before settling down in our cozy sleeping bags for the night. As darkness descends, we will gather together to enjoy a well deserved dinner, embracing the spirit of exploration with expedition-style cuisine. This gathering will also be a perfect chance to share our personal stories and forge deeper connections with our fellow adventurers.

The total distance covered during our hike and ascent will amount to approximately 5 kilometers, with an elevation gain of 750 meters (camp) or 1100 meters (summit). Be prepared for a full day of thrilling activities that will push your limits. This expedition is not for the faint-hearted, but promises an experience of a lifetime.

After the strenuous hike the day before, we are going to make the most of the morning. Slowly and leisurely, we will soak in the breathtaking views and majestic mountains that surround us. Before we begin our descent back to the basecamp, a delightful breakfast and steaming cup of coffee will be served, giving us the perfect start to the day. Once we reach the basecamp, the atmosphere is transformed into one of pure relaxation. The sauna tent will be set ablaze, offering a haven of warmth and rejuvenation. 

For those seeking a bit of adventure, we have the SUPS (Stand-Up Paddleboards) ready. These boards will provide an incredible opportunity to practice and prepare for our upcoming excursion. 

The views are mesmerizing, and the only sound you’ll hear is the gentle lapping of the waves. As an alternative, you could try your hand at fishing from the shore. Armed with a fishing rod, there’s an excellent chance of catching something delectable to add to our dinner pot. Rest assured, you’ll be an integral part of the cooking process, whether it involves preparing freshly caught fish, birds or vegetables. And don’t worry, we’ll ensure the cuisine remains diverse, so there is something for everyone. In Greenland, every moment is an opportunity to immerse ourselves in nature’s wonders, and we’ll make sure your experience is nothing short of extraordinary. 

Total hiking distance / ascent and time: Approx. 5 km / 750 mos. Time 4-5 hours.

Today we aim for a ridge hike, surrounded by magnificent big mountains and breathtaking fjords. But first, we must embark yet again on an exciting journey, crossing the bay on our trusty stand-up paddleboards (SUPs). As we paddle through the stunning waters, the scenery becomes even more captivating, with each stroke bringing us closer to our destination. The beauty of it all is simply indescribable, with picture-perfect landscapes at every turn. This is your chance to witness nature in all its glory, to feel the adrenaline course through your veins as you conquer the heights and soak in the beauty of these majestic mountains and serene fiords.

After enjoying a satisfying breakfast, we will energize ourselves for one last day of epic exploration. This time, we embark on a thrilling adventure in the northeastern region of our camp. Armed with our stand-up paddleboards (SUPs), we will paddle for approximately 30 minutes, traversing the picturesque Itisoq Bay (it is also possible to hike this distance). Once we reach the shore, we will commence a captivating hike towards a majestic mountain that we affectionately call “The Shark Fin.” Brace yourself for a mind-blowing spectacle as you behold the awe-inspiring vistas in every direction. Breathtaking mountains and the sprawling, enchanting eastern part of the world’s second-largest fjord system will be your backdrop. As we bid adieu to the invigorating sea breeze, we make our way back to basecamp in anticipation of our boat ride back to Nuuk. On this day, we will return to town; a treasure trove of unforgettable experiences and countless tales to share with loved ones back home! 

Brace yourself for approximately 6 kilometers of hiking with an elevation gain of 400 meters.  4-5 hours for this thrilling adventure.