Tentsile sleepover

  • + 1 day
  • Spring & summer
  • Wednesdays and Fridays
  • 1850 DKK
  • Min. 3 persons

A camping trip with a little twist. Less than hours hike away from Nuuk, we have one of our favorite spots where we have prepared a new way of camping – camping in Tentsiles. These “hovering” tents makes up for a comfortable sleep, and with a detachable cover you can lie there either overlooking the city or looking up the mountains and enjoy the sunrise, free from the mosquitoes thanks to the mosquito net. At a height of 350 meters above the sea, you have a great view of Nuuk, the sea and fiords, and the amazing backdrop Nuuk has. In the evening you can take a stroll to the summit of the mountain, share stories around the bonfire, capture some amazing memories with your camera, or just be – just like nature.

On this trip the guides will prepare an expedition style dinner and breakfast for you, and make sure there’s hot drinks anytime.

1850 DKK per person. (Minimum of 3 pax to do the trip, and maximum 12 pax). Possible to rent sleeping bag and pad for 300 DKK / And hiking backpack for 250 DKK


This tour runs Wednesdays and Fridays.

Practical info:
We meet at the bus-stop Tikiusaaq in Qinngorput at 15.00, and will be back at the same bus stop at 11.00 the day after. The hike is uphill and isn’t difficult, but wear good footwear. Bring some warm clothing for the evening, so you can enjoy sitting around the bonfire for longer. Bring a water bottle for the hike, and there is a small creek nearby the camp for fresh water.

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