Guiding in the beautiful and vast wilderness of Greenland is for us not a job – it’s a lifestyle

We live and breathe the outdoor adventure life when we are with customers and also in our free time. Our passion for nature and adventure drives us to provide quality, fun, and stories to tell in the future for our customers.

We offer a great variety of experiences to satisfy anyone’s desire for
adventure in the wilderness. Whether you want to relax in the unparalleled beauty of the Greenlandic nature or take a more challenging adventure, we’ve got you covered. The possibilities are endless and the memories will last forever.

Thorlak Skifte Nielsen

Co-founder & Guide

Coming from the town of Maniitsoq in the western part of Greenland, Thorlak is no stranger to the backcountry. Hiking and hunting are among his finer merits along with sailing and subsistence fishing in the deep fiords along the coast line.

Whenever the needs to take some time off to let his mind soar, he literally leaves the ground and takes flight. By soaring above the ground with the aid of his paraglider, Thorlak has gotten a great overview of the areas around the fiord systems near Nuuk.

His many tours in and above the backcountry serve the basis of countless hours of compelling and fun stories around the campfire.

Adam Mike Kjeldsen

Co-founder & Guide

Hailing from Aasiaat at the entrance to the Disco Bay, Adam has spent a considerable amount of his time sailing the seas between Greenland and the Caribbean whilst growing up. And ending up as a trained boatbuilder, Adam is not one to shy away from building stuff from scratch or making seemingly broken gear work with whatever is available. Pretty much your average Inuit MacGyver.

Adam has shredded the backcountry on skis and mountain bikes for most of his life whilst enjoying hiking and trail running in order to stay in shape and generally have a good time in the off-season. Providing for his family through hunting is second nature.

With a keen sense for music, Adam plays a number of different
instruments, and if you ever see him pick up his guitar, the outcome is usually an entertaining evening to be remembered.