Backcountry sleepover

  • +1 day
  • Winter, Spring & Fall
  • 1850 DKK
  • Min. 3 persons

Hike with us on snowshoes to the backcountry of Nuuk, and spend a night in a tent between the mountains. This trip that starts at the edge of the city, makes you disappear into the mountains, away from the big city hustle bustle, and in to a remote placed tent with loads of coziness out in the wild nature. The guide will prepare a self caught dinner, and tell some hunting stories and also the story behind the very meal you’re about to have. Imagine creeping into that warm sleeping bag while the cold wind outside is making the tent shake, only disturbed by the stories you share with your friends. And on a clear night, this is the place to feel close to the northern light, undisturbed by the light-pollution from the city. After a breakfast and morning coffee or tea brewed on melted snow, we will work our way back to civilization with a great experience and new stories to tell.

A minimum of 3 and max 5 persons to make this trip. (Bigger groups can be arranged on request)

Rental of sleeping bag and pad 300 DKK.

Any weekday.

Included: Snowhoe rental, dinner and breakfast, coffee & tea.

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